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When choosing a roofing contractor to care for your business property’s first line of exterior defense, it is important to find a company that has the experience, know-how, and only uses the very best products available within the industry. Specialized Roofing, Inc. is an authorized DURO-LAST contractor in Lane County, Oregon. With 30 years’ experience, we can build or fix any roof ,our specialty is low slope and flat, we are certified installers for multiple PVC membrane manufacturers, and always use materials made in the USA.

Known for their reputation for high-performance and durable roofing membranes, DURO-LAST offers commercial and manufactured homeowners a roof built to stand the test of time and deliver one of the longest warranties out there. Available in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses, DURO-LAST provides a customizable roofing solution for flat or low-sloped roofs. Contact Specialized Roofing, Inc. today by calling 541-636-3624 to see how a membrane roofing system could enhance the protection and efficiency of your property. 

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In the world of flat and low-sloped roofs, there are two main roofing systems that you have likely heard about: PVC and TPO. In order to choose the right system for your property’s needs, one must understand the difference between them and why choosing DURO-LAST offers a better value, from the faster installation time to providing the longest warranty and ongoing product support. 


With formulation changes driven by how cheap manufacturers can produce it, TPO lacks the performance history found with DURO-LAST systems and systems can suffer premature deterioration.

While this may not sound like a problem from a business owner’s standpoint, this time-consuming installation translates into higher labor costs and room for error when being installed. Poorly sealed seams or cold welds can result in leaks or early failure of your roof. 

This less proven system can easily lead to higher maintenance costs and the need for additional repairs. Standing water can also accelerate deterioration, which is difficult to avoid on low-slope or flat roofs. 

Unlike DURO-LAST, TPO systems are not naturally fire resistant, leaving your property susceptible to fire damage. 


Save money on repairs and maintenance with Duro Last Roof Systems proven performance history. Their superior roofing membrane paired with their product support is unparalleled. 

Installation of the DURO-LAST roofing system requires no edge sealing and T-Joint patches are only required on 80 mil membranes. This simpler installation leads to lower installation costs and little room for error. 

With the proven performance of DURO-LAST membranes and their unique formulation to withstand ponding water, there is very little ongoing maintenance required and membranes can be cleaned and patched easily. 

The PVC material used in our membrane systems are naturally fire resistant, providing peace of mind and safety for your property.

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